Keep your data
secure in the cloud

How we help


i360cloud ensures your data is as secure as possible when stored in the cloud.

This includes using a range or tools and strategies previously not accessible for small businesses.


It all starts with your PCs and mobile devices

Small business is faced with many new and sophisticated threats compared with even just 10 years ago.
Therefore a new strategy is needed.

That strategy is to manage IT Security and reduce your business risk using a security service rather
than simply buying AntiVirus software.

Previously only the domain of larger businesses, the cloud has made a range of security tools and services affordable for small business. Let us show you how.

i360cloud security offers a true data security service because we combine a range of technologies and services
to give you peace of mind.

How do we protect your PCs?

Once you have signed up to the service we install our "back to base" monitoring software on your PCs. This ensures that if any of the layers of protection that we implement fail to function as expected we are alerted.

Just like a security service for your property we will respond to alerts to ensure your PCs are as protected as they should be.

Once the monitoring software is in place we then implement our key layers of protection.

The table below shows a summary of how we protect against each online threat.


What else do we do to keep your data in the cloud safe?

Once your PC is protected we can then start to focus on your keeping your passwords protected across the organisation, implementing two factor authentication to access your local network and remote services (eg. web based services or hosted servers). We also protecting your incoming email using cloud level protection tools to stop dangerous files before they even get to your PC.

Contact us as we are happy to discuss your security requirements in detail and make recommendations.

Our recommendations include referrals to insurance and legal advisors to ensure your data security requirements are fully met.


Recent reference sites

Lots of different types of businesses use our security services including recent reference sites:

Medical General Practice

Heath Hub Eaton Fair - Craig Hookham

Optometrist Clinic

Victor Eye Centre - David Welch

Audiology Clinic

Celtic Coastal Hearing Services - Catriona Slade

 What makes us different?

PCsecure247 is an Australian subscription-based service that keeps your PC protected from the latest external threats - 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  • A full suite of PC security defenses that go well beyond Antivirus software

  • Month to month subscription pricing – no lock in fixed term contracts

  • Personalised service from Australian based specialists

  • Pricing subsidies to help you use our service now if you have existing Antivirus software

i360cloud Security Layers & Pricing


When configured correctly PC firewalls block access to your computer from external attempts – including those from hackers, bots and malware. PCsecure247 monitors and manages your firewall to ensure it is stopping all unwanted access.


Full real-time Anti-Virus protection is maintained within the PC to protect against viruses contained within any files including email attachments or website downloads

Cryptolocker protection

Anti-Ransomware protection is provided on the PC by preventing unauthorised encryption or modification of your files. This means it stops cryptolock type attacks from “locking up” or encrypting your files. It also blocks processes that run on your PC commonly associated with Ransomware as an added layer of protection.

Windows Security

As required Microsoft releases updates that fix security gaps within their PC operating system. PCsecure247 monitors these updates and makes sure your PC is always up to date.

website protection

Protection is provided against websites that are known to contain malicious scripts and malware (including formjacking). PCsecure247 blocks these websites and provides you with a warning when you attempt to visit the site.

device security

Each PC you protect with PCsecure247 allows you to also protect one mobile phone as well to protect against mobile specific viruses to ensure complete security across all platforms.

$8.80 Inc GST
per PC
Office 365 Email Protection : Add-on

TREND's Cloud Application Security detects threats before they even get to your PC inbox.

Threats include:

- Advanced SPAM protection

- Cryptolocker/Ransomware

- Malware

- Viruses

Provides protection for both Office 365 email and documents stored in OneDrive for Business.

$4.40 inc GST
per Account
$5.50 inc GST
per PC
two factor authentication : add-on

As an added layer of password protection when logging into your PC, Two-Factor Authentication initiates a prompt within an app on your mobile phone that needs to be confirmed before you gain access to your PC.

encryption / password protect files: add-on

Protect your files by encrypting them with powerful encryption tools.

Files can be located on your local PC, on an office NAS or on hosted servers - can also be used on OneDrive. When encrypted by i360 Encrypt your files can only be opened by your staff on the platform you nominate - eg a shared hosted server or their PC.

This level of encryption means that staff have to open the file in their work space and cannot remove it and open it without your authorisation.

$7.70 inc GST
per user


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